About Us

Jose Luis Garza is your enthusiastic and client-centric REALTOR®. With an educational background in International Relations and a stacked resume of sales, contract and negotiations expertise, Jose Luis brings together the characteristics of a superior real estate agent. Conceived from a desire to help friends and family, his interest, passion–and now–success in real estate has grown greatly. Considerate and sensitive to the needs of others, Jose Luis works alongside every buyer, seller and investor as a guide to achieving their dreams. With real estate know-how and an intrinsic calling to see betterment for everyone he encounters, Jose Luis brings step-by-step industry knowledge to every situation. Always joyful and always fully present, he tends to the often-cumbersome process of buying and selling real estate so you don’t have to. Bringing first class character and integrity above all else, Jose Luis thrives when seeing clients reach their full potential in life, not just limited to where they live. Fluent in Spanish and eager to serve your best interests, Jose Luis Garza is more than your REALTOR®–he’s a trustworthy friend walking beside you through your real estate goals.